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The master tapes of the original 1980 vinyl recording of the Up Helly Songs featuring the Lerwick Brass Band and Registered Squad No 1 have now been carefully restored and remastered digitally and have been released in CD format and in addition to the CD release, a special limited edition of the original 1980 vinyl format which will also include the CD version is available.

This recording had been thought to be lost for over thirty years and is the only authentic version of the three festival songs which are sung at many of Shetland’s fire festivals. The CD also includes all the lyrics of the songs, a bonus track of the full length version of the Up Helly Song and description of the Lerwick festival by G.H. Burgess.

With the assistance of well-known Shetland recording engineer Billy Kay a recording was made of the three Up-Helly-Aa favourites featuring music from the Lerwick Brass Band and vocals from registered squad number 1, commonly known at the time as the ‘teachers’ squad’. It was released as an 7-inch EP record under Galley Records in 1980. The recording ‘studio’ was the Bell’s Brae Primary School gym hall.

The first task was to establish whether the recordings were in a good enough condition to be remastered as it was feared the integrity of the tapes might have deteriorated over the years. The expertise of audio restoration and mastering engineer Dave Sinton of Dunkinty Audio in Unst was used to restore and remaster the audio tapes.

More Information about Shetland’s fire festivals can be obtained here:

CD: £10.00
CD and Vinyl: £11.00

Donald Anderson Band

In Passing



Donald Anderson – vocals, guitars, harmonica
Duncan Kidson – drums
Alan McKay – guitars
Rick Nickerson – bass, vocals

A 4 piece contemporary rock band made up of established Shetland musicians who have featured at Shetland’s top music festivals since 2005. It has been featured at all of Shetland's top music events including the Shetland Folk Festival, Shetland Blues Festival, Flavour of Shetland and performed as part of the entertainment programme for the 2011 Tall Ships Race in Shetland. The band provides an exciting platform for singer song writer Donald Anderson’s material.


“Anderson set high benchmark with CD”The Shetland Times

“This is a musically rich album, and it is best played loud.” - Malachy Tallack

“With songs and vocal based bands of this quality emanating from Shetland, it might one day be possible for us to be recognised as much for our contemporary music as we are today for our traditional heritage”.Davie Gardner - Atlantic Edge Music Services

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Donald Anderson

Waterhead Sky


Over the last twelve years, Donald Anderson has performed regularly in Shetland, and has made several appearances at the Shetland Folk Festival singing and playing his own songs and for the past 5 years has begun working with the Donald Anderson Band.

Donald released his first album, Waterhead Sky in May 2005, which received excellent reviews and positive word of mouth feedback. Donald has also contributed to recent albums (The Desert, 2003 and Edges and Spaces, 2005) by local singer-songwriter Malachy Tallack, playing banjo and acoustic guitar.

Donald began playing publicly during the 1980s as a floor performer in folk clubs. Since then he has performed in several countries as a singer and guitarist, both solo and as a member of Back up and Push and The Shining Pool.

Donald continues to write and perform his own material, both solo and with his band, at every opportunity.

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Brack 'n' File

This Old Guitar


Who would have thought that two old friends would come together after 40 years to form a new group called Brack 'n' File? Well known Edinburgh guitarist Tony Mitchell and Shetland based bassist Rick Nickerson, two thirds of popular 70’s contemporary folk group Rankin File* have teamed up with singer Maureen Brack, also of Edinburgh.

Formed in 2012, Brack 'n' File has appeared at The Wee Folk Club, Edinburgh Folk Club, Leith Folk Club, have had two sell out shows (2014 - 2015) in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe at the well-respected Acoustic Music Centre and have performed at several charity events. Maureen Brack is a fine singer with a distinctive voice and has a wide repertoire covering many styles. Rick Nickerson has played with various bands over the years in Shetland, recorded albums and toured with The McCalmans and other well-known Scottish artists, such as Bobby Eaglesham in the 1970's and is highly praised for his versatility. Guitarist Tony Mitchell is also well known as a guitar teacher and writes and plays solo guitar pieces - "the most melodic guitarist I have ever heard" (Dick Gaughan). The trio perform some of Iain Rankin's material and a range of songs from other singer-songwriters such as Gerry Rafferty, John Denver, Ian & Sylvia, as well as original guitar pieces by Tony Mitchell and other instrumentals.

"The original idea for the group was to be a platform for Iain Rankin’s material but it has grown into something much more varied. There were so many great songs written in the 60’s and 70’s, that we felt they needed to be given a hearing. The reception we have had at various performances has been really encouraging so playing together on a regular basis was the next logical step for us."

*Rankin File recorded two LP’s in the 70’s which were reissued by Greentrax Records on CD in 1992 CDTRAX057. Rankin File reunited in January 2013 to perform at a charity concert in Edinburgh.

Brack 'n' File have released their debut CD called This Old Guitar MWCDEP002 which is available at http://www.makingwaves.uk.com and at most online stores.

For more information about the band follow them on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/BracknFile and at https://www.reverbnation.com/bracknfile.

For more information and bookings contact Rick Nickerson (01950 422342, 07768331936, and email info@makingwaves.uk.com) or Tony Mitchell (0131 661 3727 or 07891978348).

Price: £8.00